Tom loves the piano and all things music. He started learning the piano when he was at primary school, reaching grade 8 at the age of 19. Over the years he has shown a natural flair for learning new instruments, demonstrated by his current repertoire of piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums and ukulele. He wrote his first song at the age of 10, one of two of his songs to later be recorded professionally on a town-wide songwriter’s collaboration in Reading. Throughout his time at secondary school he played regularly on church worship teams, and enjoyed spending his free time writing and recording new songs. He has been leading worship for over 15 years in all sorts of settings, from conferences to church services and even to events abroad. He graduated from university in 2013 with a degree in maths with music - it was for his final music assessment that he wrote his first album, ‘Love Will Pursue Me’. He then spent 4 years working as a private tutor in London, amassing enormous experience teaching people of all ages and all standards, working with different exam boards and catering to a huge variety of styles. Tom teaches piano, specialising in improvisation and chord theory, and also teaches acoustic guitar and ukulele.


Please note - all lessons are online only. If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch with us on the 'Contact' page!

Music Masterclass - Piano



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