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At the very centre of who we are and what we do is the One who loved us long before we even realised we existed. God our Creator, God our Father, God our Shepherd - He is our great adventure. We desire every choice we make to be a “yes” to this holy calling, to dive deeper into the mystery and beauty of who God is and let Him lead us into the fullness of who He made us to be. It is this spirit of faith and adventure that took us to Israel and America in the glorious whirlwind of our first six months of marriage, and this same spirit continues to lead us on as we pursue God’s purposes for us and this nation.

Though our stories have only recently become interwoven, passion for music runs like a beautiful golden thread through both of them. Melissa is first and foremost a story-teller - music is the magic with which she brings memories and emotions to life, drawing people into the arms of God where they find truth that challenges and hope that comforts. Tom is a worship leader and loves the way music binds the Word of God to the heart and transports us past the limits of the mind into undiscovered realms of God’s glory. Our first album, “Songs of the Watchmen” marked the coming together of our different musical styles and the birth of a new sound.


We long for the UK to know the love and holiness of God and to walk blamelessly before Him, as individuals and as a nation. We pray that we would all know His fierce love for the unborn, His zeal for marriage and sexual purity, His everlasting desire for the nation of Israel, and His passion for justice and righteousness. Pressing on our hearts also is the sober message of the trials and judgements coming on the earth as we draw nearer to the return of Jesus, and the great falling away that He warned us of. Through music, intercession, discipleship and family our vision is to equip the church to be a people of truth, action and strength, both for the days we live in and for the days to come.

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